The 25-Second Trick For House Painting Huntsville

The 25-Second Trick For House Painting Huntsville

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The 9-Second Trick For House Painting Huntsville

Many people see residential and commercial painting as the same service. After all, painting is painting, no matter what or where you paint, right? Not necessarily. There are specific differences between the two types of painting, which we will discuss in this article. Residential painters provide home painting services. The exterior of the home as well as the interior is prepped and painted.

House Painting HuntsvilleHouse Painting Huntsville
The increased square footage of a commercial building makes the painting more complicated, not to mention the presence of employees, inventory, and customers in the space. However, painting a home comes with challenges that can’t be discounted. How the paint is applied along with choosing the right color can affect the final result.

Commercial painting companies employ more people so that they can finish commercial painting projects on time. Residential paint projects are smaller in scope and thus does not require that many painters on site. Residential painting contractors are focused solely on smaller residential projects. For this reason, the materials and equipment they use are not too different from paint supplies you can get on your own.

Unknown Facts About House Painting Huntsville

House Painting HuntsvilleHouse Painting Huntsville
The types of paint used for residential paint projects come in a variety of colors to match the decor and architecture of the home and surrounding homes. There are different types of paint used for residential projects. Paints can be categorized by their base: oil-based paints, water-based paints, or latex-based paints.

Paint sheens range from glossy to flat. Glossy paints are shiny and reflect the most light, while flat paints absorb light which helps hide imperfections on interior walls. The types of paint sheens include:Commercial painters, on the other hand, need broader experience in dealing with different types of surfaces such as wood, concrete, marble, metal, reinforced plastic, and a lot more.

House Painting HuntsvilleHouse Painting Huntsville
Sometimes painting can be completed during open hours by cordoning off the areas painted. If that’s not possible commercial painting work will be scheduled outside of normal operating hours--at night, weekends, and holidays. The best commercial painting contractors are ready to adapt to the schedule of the business owner so that they can paint the property without causing disruptions to the normal flow of business.

Not known Facts About House Painting Huntsville

When compared to residential painting, the amount of paint to be used is a lot higher for commercial painting. As more paint is used, the time it takes to complete the paint project increases. In residential painting, the paint required for an exterior or interior project is usually a lot less.

A good quality paint brand can provide better coverage than an inferior paint brand. Using less than stellar paint can extend the labor and increase costs due to the need to apply extra coats of paint. Residential painters are well experienced in talking with the homeowners and know exactly what type of paint is required.

The painters are also experienced in protecting your furniture and flooring while the painting work is carried out. Commercial painting requires more skill and concern for safety. Depending on how high a building is or where it is located, a commercial painter must have experience and endurance when painting these types of buildings.

House Painting Huntsville Things To Know Before You Buy

For commercial buildings, the appearance is an essential part of business branding and marketing - House Painting Huntsville. The environment for residential painters is more predictable. Greater control is given due to the smaller size of the project and the one-on-one relationship with the homeowner. On commercial projects, the large working environment makes for more moving parts, which means there are more chances for things to go wrong.

Compliance with safety regulations set forth by local and national governments must be met. Strict protocols must be followed and reports submitted. Also, all painting contractor employees must have access to proper safety equipment. Many painting contractors offer only one type of service, either residential or commercial painting. Others offer both services.

We have the right tools, machinery, and workforce to handle any size project. The Painting Pros have provided expert residential and commercial painting services for homeowners and business owners since 1978 - House Painting Huntsville. Contact us today to begin your paint project..

What Does House Painting Huntsville Mean?

When you hire a professional painting service, you are opting to make the old new again. Hiring a professional painting service brings a lot of benefits, as they have certified and trained staff to properly deal with any painting challenge that might come up. They are customer-friendly, wear professional uniforms and are well informed to answer all your queries.

These days, professional painting services are not just limited to residential houses and businesses, but they also cover a wide array of professional services that you might never think of. Here we have a list of services that you might be interested in for any of your painting Go Here projects. House Painting Huntsville. One of the most common and known painting services is interior painting of either home or office.

Wall paper removal is one of the most challenging home renovation projects. This is not a DIY task you could try this out as you might end up damaging the walls of your home. Professional painting services offer efficient and mess-free wallpaper removal. They scrape the walls slowly and carefully to prevent grooves or damage to the surface behind the wallpaper.

Facts About House Painting Huntsville Uncovered

Whether you are planning to paint your metal door for the first time or restoring an old, rusted one, you need a professional painting contractor for this task. This painting service includes all metal doors for commercial and residential properties, regardless of the size or shape of your door, whether it’s old or new, and what type of metal it is made of.

If you are planning to get your home renovated or paint it for the first time, then this description of various painting services might help you get a better understanding of different painting jobs that are available in the market. It might be useful to you in any of your upcoming projects.

Be sure to check out our post on Everything You Need to Know About House Painting for more great tips! Partner with us and we’ll help you make money.

House Painting Huntsville Can Be Fun For Everyone

This barrier is called house paint. Painting or repainting the exterior may seem like a massive undertaking, but at Platinum Painting, it’s all in a day’s work. When done properly, new exterior paint will protect and preserve the beauty of your home for years to come. Whether your home is newly constructed or purchased from a previous owner, painting or repainting the exterior will truly make it your own with an individualized design statement.

About once a week I get a call from someone looking to get a click to read phone quote on a painting job. They simply give me a number of rooms or the square footage and just ask for a price. These people are just looking for the best deal they can get.

A common mistake that I see homeowners make, in shopping for a painting job, is to just invite a bunch of painters over, point them to the project and, without much preamble, ask them for a painting quote.... The fact is that there is a big difference between painting companies.

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